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About Ven. Wawala Seelarathana Thero

11111169 820163744768552 1334336102179084925 n  blockquote2Born on the 28th of January 1988, Ven. Wavala Seelarathana Thero is currently the chief incumbent of the Paramitha Viharaya in Bulathsinhala. Having founded the “Uththama Ma Piya Wandana” programme, Ven. Seelarathana thero wanted to further disseminate the knowledge of the Buddha Dhamma to mankind by founding the Dhammavahini TV. Ven.Seelarathana thero has also been honoured with the titles of “Vichithra Dharma Kathika” and “Kavya visharada” after receiving higher ordination. blockquote1



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